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Operation Fallen Flags &

Operation Stars & Stripes

The Glory Truck will be at the LZ Peace Memorial this Memorial Day. Monday, May 27, 2019 at 11:00 a.m. Be there to see how high the Smoke Brothers can make Old Glory fly. As they used to say: "Be there or be square."  Hope to see you there.

In front of Memorial Hall, Rockford, Illinois

In front of Memorial Hall, Rockford, Illinois

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Give us your torn and tattered Old Glory and we’ll replace it with a brand new star-spangled banner to proudly fly over your business or home. That's what Operation Fallen Flags is all about. 

With all the talk and concern about respecting the American flag, a group of local veterans is working with our younger war veterans. They’re taking action replacing worn out American flags: A brotherhood of veterans bonding together for healing and a common purpose.

Operation Fallen Flags and many local veterans are sharing the history of our flag with our younger citizens through Operation Stars & Stripes. We mainly take the Glory Truck to elementary schools in the area and tell the history of Old Glory. Mr. Marine, a real Marine, explains why some stripes in the flag are red and some are white. He tells the history of why we have white stars in a field of blue. Students are shown the correct way to fold the flag, and each fold has a history of what that fold stands for. Then students ask questions: Either of Mr. Marine or of any of the veterans who are there. It's a very unique and telling of the history of our flag, all done by Veterans or just plain people.

Before we go too far here's who does all the heavy lifting. It doesn't happen magically. All of the hard work, the time spent and everything is mainly done by volunteers. We call them the LZ Smoke Brothers. A true band of brothers who are only known by their nicknames. They don't wear masks to hide their identity like comic book or made-up movie superheroes. You'd never recognize these superheroes on the street. They are the unknown and unsung heroes supporting the American flag. You've walked past real superheroes and didn't even know it.


Here they are: Sierra 6, Charlie 6, Seabee, Sgt. Friendship, Airborne, "LT", Johnny One Wing, Senior Chief, Sgt. Huey, Sgt. Walley, Boonie, Mr. Marine, Capt. Ken, Capt. Mike, Air Force 1, Angel 6, Cuzin Helo, Marine 1, Sgt. Jerry, Diamond 6, Marine, Sgt. Santo, Eagle 6, Sgt. Tango, Sgt. Mike Mike, Master Chief, Sgt. Alpha, Sgt. Pic, Sky Capt., and last but not least Blackjack 6.

In our travels around the community we’ve noticed many American flags that should be retired.  Folks want to keep them flying, but these symbols of America are torn and tattered and have earned their retirement. Also, there should be more flags flying in our community. That’s where we come in. 

Most of us can see when our flag should no longer be flying but we don’t know what to do. Or maybe you want to display a new flag on your existing flagpole. That’s what the Operation Fallen Flags program is all about.

For a gift that helps cover our expenses these brave veterans who have served our country honorably will come to your home or business in Winnebago county and replace your old flag with a brand new Old Glory. 

We want to salute so many people for their time, devotion, talent, and hard work to make the dreams of the Glory Truck and Operation Fallen Flags come true.

If you'd like to volunteer some money we have a Paypal button. Your donation is NOT tax-deductible because we're not a charity. We're just a band of brothers doing the right thing. We appreciate your help and support.


To help in our cause please go to our web site, and click on the PayPal button.

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